Congratulations! You are at the stage in your relationship when you are thinking about your wedding day. So many options, Church, Civil, Humanist or Independent Celebrant. As your Celebrant I will help you celebrate your special day, where, when and how you really want.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss the possibilities of arranging the wedding day of your dreams.

A wedding day led by an Independent Celebrant can offer very many of these options.

Unfortunately, with the law in the UK as it is, a Celebrant is unable to legally marry you. You would need to visit your local registry office for a statuary Ceremony to fulfil this aspect, where you will both be required to make your declarations, and sign the marriage register before two witnesses. At the present time this will cost you in the region of £60.

So why not have the Wedding Day overseen by a registrar and cut out the middleman, you might say. Well that is perfectly fine and many people go with this option, especially as more and more venues are becoming licensed for legal marriage. Let me explain,  the current law in England, states that the registrar led marriage ceremony should not include any religious, symbolic, cultural, or spiritual elements. The services will generally be no longer than 30 mins and the marriage register must be signed, under a permanent structure, which is licensed for marriage. It is highly unlikely you will meet the registrar prior to your ceremony or have a rehearsal. Venues will have their own set of fees for the Registrar Marriage Ceremony.

The Law Commission are looking to amend the current laws on who can conduct legal marriages and where they can be held. It is my hope that in the not too distant future I will be able to gain full authorisation.

Once the legal side of the marriage has been conducted you can then go on to have a celebrant lead Wedding Ceremony.

I can create a bespoke ceremony for you.  In the venue of your choice, outside or inside. Include the music and readings of your choice. Allow family members or guest to get involved. Include rituals such as a Hand Wrapping Ceremony, Unity Sand Ceremony, Wine Box Ceremony to name but a few.

Your wedding day can be themed.  Vintage, Harry Potter, Magical, Theatrical and all becoming popular and these can be discussed.

If a celebrant lead Wedding Day is something you feel might be right for you, then please get in touch.  We can discuss your ideas and decide whether it is the most appropriate route for you to take.  In the unlikely event that I am not the right wedding celebrant to meet your needs, rest assured the UK Society of Celebrants will have a member that fits the bill perfectly and I will point you in their direction



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