Celebration for a Special Occasion

Whatever the special occasion is that you wish to share with your family and friends, you might want someone to lead the day and come up with some ideas to make the day one to remember.

Whether you are getting engaged, renewing your vows, welcoming a newcomer into the family or celebrating a mile stone event in your life, that day is special to you and should be marked with a bespoke ceremony.

There are various rituals that might like to include during the day such as tree planting,  a circle of hearts, an extended group hug, or a box of promises.

As your celebrant we can discuss the things that are important to you and work them in to the ceremony.

Naming Ceremonies can involve numerous members of your family.  Unlike a  Christening which  focuses on the Godparents, at a naming ceremony, Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Siblings, Aunts & Uncles can all take a special role.

If it is a Engagement Party or you are renewing your vows,  you can involve any members of your family you want.  They could assist in a Handfasting Ceremony or Unity Ceremony.  the Handfasting Ceremony is very appropriate for an engagement, as it's origin lies in ancient Celtic betrothals.  Or they could say some words of their own about you as a couple - or read appropriate poems.

If the day is a special occasion for you, then as your Independent Celebrant it would be my job to create a day filled with magical memories.  Creating a unique experience for everyone involved or witnessing the ceremony.  A special day you will be proud to share and memories you will treasure for ever.


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