Wedding Day


You are at the stage in your relationship when you are thinking about your wedding day. 

Celebrate your special day, when, where and how you wish. With a bespoke ceremony.


Special Occasion

When celebrating a special day with your family and friends, you might want someone to led that ceremony,  and come up with some ideas that make the celebration one to remember.


Last Goodbye

Make the last goodbye to your love one the way you feel it should be.

About Me

Hi,  I am Janette, better known as Jan, born a Cockney and moved to Essex in 1976.   

I am a sister, wife, mother, grandmother and friend to many.  I enjoy music, food and wine.  I love family, friends, German Shepherds and fabulous shoes. 

More importantly to you I am an Independent Celebrant living and working in North West Essex. Creating bespoke ceremonies for special occasions, weddings and celebrations of life.

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