At a time when you may be very vulnerable, after the loss of a loved one, you are given a short time to arrange the last goodbye.  How can I be of help!

If you are religious your church will be there for you and help lead you through the process, however that may not be the case. You may be undecided on hymns or popular music, prayers or poems, the family and friends being involved in the ceremony or having someone speak your words for you.

This is where, as your Independent Celebrant, I can step in and guide you through the process, to create the goodbye you feel is fitting and appropriate for your loved one.  Should you need my assistance I can even help you organize the wake.

Your last goodbye may be conducted at a crematorium or natural burial ground.  Or you may elect to have a direct cremation allowing you to hold the ceremony at a venue that was special to your family or the deceased.

Many venues have the facility to stream the ceremony and you may want to add extra content to make these attendees feel more involved.  If you are using a private venue you could host the zoom ceremony yourself.

Music and photographs as well as readings can help to tell the story of a life in a very special way, particularly if very little is known of their background.

Every life has a story to tell, no matter how long or short it has been, and it would be my job to relay this story.  Sharing memories that have been created along the way.

Many mourners do not feel able to speak on the day.  And this if fine, I would be happy to narrate on your behalf, although you may feel able to do so, in the knowledge that one glance at me and I will pick up where you left off, while to collect your thoughts, or indeed sit down.

Others want to speak but are unsure of what to say.  It will be my job to make suggestions of poems , even write a bespoke piece from information you give me.

You may not recall much of the actual day, when you look back on your last goodbye, but you will be given a transcript of the ceremony, for you to read in the future, should you wish.







It may be that your loved one passed during the Covid Pandemic and due to restrictions, you were not able to arrange the funeral as you had wished.

Memorial Services are not just for the rich and famous.

When you feel the time is right, as your Independent Celebrant we can arrange a bespoke ceremony to celebrate that person’s life.  In the surrounds that you wish, where poems or prayers can be spoken, music of your choice can be played, friends and family can get involved and your loved one can be remembered as you and they would have wanted, amongst their family and friends.

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