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What led me to becoming and Independent Celebrant

Hi,  I am Janette, better known as Jan, born a Cockney and moved to Essex in 1976.    I am fortunate to be a sister, wife, mother, grandmother and friend to many.  I enjoy music, food and wine.  I love family, friends, German Shepherds and fabulous shoes.   I am a Complementary Practitioner but more importantly to you,  I am a Family & Funeral Celebrant, living and working in North West Essex.

I started my working career as a Private Secretary in the publishing and music industry. After taking a break to have my children, I embarked on a career as a Complementary Practitioner, trained in homeopathy and aromatherapy. I treated patients at various stages of their life through pregnancy, birth and palliative care. I am also trained as a Mindfulness and Life Coach. In these roles you have to be a good listener and be present for the person or people you are with.  Skills I believe will be important in my role as a Celebrant.

As a member of the Women’s Institute I loved sharing ideas and techniques on stress relief,  basic aromatherapy and homeopathy, as a regular speaker at various meetings in my area.  Being able to speak in public is obviously extremely important when conducting a ceremony.

I was, for many years a Volunteer, Trustee and Chairman of a special needs playgroup.  For this role I trained in Makaton and Autism Awareness,  to enable me to converse and interact with the children in our care.  However with the changing times, fewer children were being sign posted towards us, meaning we were unable to apply for funding. Sadly in 2019 we had no option but to close the group.  Working within this group enabled me to witness first-hand the different scenarios, that can cause great distress to some individuals , that may not affect others at all.  Bright lights, loud music, even clapping or laughing can be uncomfortable for some.  Aspects that may need to be addressed when creating a ceremony.  It also taught me is that everyone is unique and whether a life lasts for years or moments, memories are made that create a story to be shared with love and respect.

Over the years I have spoken at a number of family weddings, parties and funerals.  All these occasions created memories to be shared through generations.  This would be my hope for every ceremony I conduct.

All of the above may not seem relevant, but in creating the perfect ceremony they each have their place.  I am a skilled interviewer, but feel that the most important part of any interview is to listen, really be there for the person or people I am with.  I am then comfortable to relay the story, that has been entrusted to me, to the chosen audience.

As a member of the UK Society of Celebrants, I have extensive training in creating and conducting bespoke ceremonies

Should I become your chosen Independent Celebrant I will do my upmost to make the day go the way you envisage. Whether it is a wedding, funeral, or any other notable day in your life, together we will create a bespoke ceremony that you will be proud to share with your family and friends. The choice is yours and I will be there to help you along the way, having as little or as much input as you are comfortable with. I can research your ideas, music and poems, making suggestions if required. If you are at a loss as to what to say, we can work together, and I will create a script that can be read by yourself, a guest or indeed myself.

The ceremony can be religious, spiritual, formal or fun containing rituals, hymns, pop music, poems, prayers or a mixture .

As an Independent Celebrant I am a collector, collator, relater and creator of memories.  I would love the opportunity to help make that special day a memory you will be proud to share.

With a Celebrant creating the day the choice is yours.

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